The Venue


Over the years many buyers and makers asked us to create a London version of BCTF, so we took the plunge and launched BCTF London in 2016.

It quickly became clear that buyers in London and the south like what we do!

We are unique. We only support British Design and there are many of our retailer visitors who support the same effort.

Many giftware companies would like to exhibit in London but find the prices too high. We, of course, found the perfect location at an affordable price.

Parking in the area is offered at a reasonable day rate of £15 a day and the central London congestion charge does not apply in this area.

The halls are architecturally interesting and perfectly suited for exhibitions and the whole area around Brick Lane is now a vibrant and exciting creative hub, which is constantly shape shifting as the creative pace quickens.

This area of the city is recognised as London’s art quarter, as well as being right next to one of the world’s busiest commercial hubs. What better place for us to launch GIFTAG than this amazing location and historical building.

Truman’s Brewery was a large East brewery, and one of the largest brewers in the world at the end of the 19th Century. Founded around 1666, the Black Eagle Brewery was established on a plot of land next to what is now Brick Lane in London, E1. It grew steadily until the 18th century when, under the management of Benjamin Truman, and driven by the demand for Porter, it expanded rapidly and became one of the largest brewers in London. Its growth continued into and through the 19th century with the expansion of its brewery and pub estate. In 1873, it purchased Philips Brewery in Burton and became the largest brewery in the world.

The situation changed for Truman’s in the 20th Century as it had to come to terms with the rise of lager, cheaper competition from imports and the consolidation of the biggest names in British brewing through mergers. Attempts to come to terms with these changes through management restructures and rebranding did not succeed and in 1989 the brewery was closed.

The buildings that make up the site date back to 1729, and were originally used for manufacturing and warehousing, these buildings are now the exhibition halls.

LONDON – September 10th- 12th 2017

Opening Times

10am to 5pm daily